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"Did you know that you have the right to freely communicate with the Human Resources Office, EEO Office/Officer, a Supervisor or Mangement Official of a high rank than your immediate supervisor, EEO counselors, the appropriate Official in the Health and Safety Office." -- Article 4G of the CBA

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BP Manager Pay Increase Border Patrol Announces Pay Increases for Managers During Furlough While we are facing pay cuts through the sequestration, our managers are being given a raise for a job that does not require one.

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Impact of Sequestration on El Paso and Southern New Mexico

Based on Customs and Border Protection’s plan to furlough Border Patrol Agents for up to 14 days between April 1 and September 30, 2013, along with CBP’s plan to cut Border Patrol Agents’ pay by about 40% during that same period, it is estimated that the financial impact amongst the ranks of the Border Patrol will range around $75,000,000 (yes, that’s millions). And that’s just the financial impact, and doesn’t factor in the personal impact on the morale and familial strains that such measures will have on Border Patrol Agents and their families.

NBPC Podcast On Sequestration

Please listen to the NBPC podcast in regards to sequestration here.

Need Representation Need immediate representation, call 1-877-7MY-UNION (1-877-769-8646) to reach a representative as well as PORAC if you need immediate representation for an on duty shooting or other significant incident.

New Updates in the Station Section

New Updates are now in the station section of the Members Menu and so far there are updates for the Ysleta Station, Fabens Station and El Paso Station, to include any station policies and Pending Grievances or ULPs filed, etc.

Sequestration UPDATE

As many of you are aware the threat of sequestration is upon us and we are being singled out yet again to absorb the majority of the cuts.  Below is the Advisory that has been posted by the National Border Patrol Council in regards to the sequestration. Please pay close attention to the portion where BIANCA WARNER, the Executive Director of Mission Support, makes it clear that she believes Border Patrol Agents are overpaid and they have been targeting AUO. But also note that in 2011 her salary was over 170K and she says we are overpaid.

Management Betrayed

On July 26, 2010, Arbitrator Maretta Comfort Toedt issued her final and binding Decision and Award in the matter of a grievance brought by Local 1929 against the agency (more specifically, against APAIC Garth Rogers and other management officials at the Las Cruces Station).

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Management Betrayed

As of late, many Border Patrol Agents from the Deming, New Mexico Border Patrol Station have requested the assistance of Local 1929.  On several occasions, Local Officers and Stewards from Local 1929 have attempted to investigate many of the complaints and concerns made by its Deming members. 

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Management Betrayed

It would appear that the Fabens Agents are going to be in for a rough ride with the new Patrol Agent in Charge, Elizabeth Rosales.

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Management Betrayed



Border Patrol Latest News

NBPC Local 1929

What is the VRP?

On August 26, 2010, the agency and the NBPC entered into the most recent VRP agreement that continued a test program that was approved by Congress and that was intended to provide Federal Agencies and Federal Employees more move opportunities by decreasing the amount of money an agency would have to pay for relocations.  The test program expired on April 29, 2014, which also ended the negotiated VRP.  

Under the VRP, the agency identified vacancies at Border Patrol Stations and posted those openings on USA Jobs.  Agents were provided an opportunity to apply for the openings and were able to put in for a maximum of five locations. OPM compiled referral lists of all applicants by seniority and sent the lists to the selecting officials at the individual sectors.  On each referral list, the selecting official (management) was able to consider the top seven (7) names, which became the list of consideration, for the first vacancy. For each additional vacancy, one more name from the referral list was added to the list of consideration.  Management was able to select anyone from the list of consideration regardless of seniority.  

Example: Station “A” has two vacancies and 10 agents apply for those openings. Management would be given the referral list containing the names of all 10 agents but would only be able to select from the list of consideration or the top 8 agents based upon seniority. With their two selections, management would be able to choose the two most junior agents from the list of consideration even if those agents only had 3 years in the patrol and the most senior agents had 20 years in the patrol. Management would be required to take into consideration the seniority of all agents on the “consideration list,” but if they determined the junior agents were more qualified, management would be free to choose those agents.   

Recent examples of how selections were made under the last few VRP announcements:  After management received their lists, they called the duty stations of the applicants to compile a matrix on each agent.  In many cases, they were looking for specific qualifications or certifications such as Firearms Instructors, Boat Patrol Certifications, Horse Patrol Certifications, etc., and they made their selections based upon those certifications and other factors, including overall seniority.  About 4 or 5 years ago, we saw a great many Firearms Instructors selected in the VRPs even though in many instances they were some of the most junior agents on the “consideration list.”  We also saw an awful lot of senior agents passed over because management claimed they weren't the most qualified agents when they made their selections.

Albeit a big factor, seniority isn't the only component to being selected under the VRP.

What is the ROB?

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We are pleased to inform you that the Union and Management have agreed to open up two relocation programs. These two programs could start as early as next month.  They are the Voluntary Relocation Program (which originally expired on April 29, 2014) and a new program that will be called the Relocation Opportunity Bulletin (ROB).


In an ultimate betrayal to the green uniform, it appears that the Patrol Agent in Charge of Ysleta Station, Alfredo Esquivel, has chosen to retaliate against union officials at his station.  Since taking command of the station, PAIC Esquivel has continued his my way or the highway attitude with regard to all bargaining unit employees at the station.  He has managed to destroy all morale at the Ysleta station because of his actions and has not been held accountable for anything he has done.  With over 20 grievances, multiple unfair labor practices, EEO cases and even misconduct complaints, PAIC Esquivel has become the epitome of management betrayed on our site. 


As you all know the Agency has sent out a memorandum from Thomas Winkowski in regards to AUO. In the memorandum, the Agency has identified several components that are to be affected by these changes to comply with the regulations governing AUO.  to clarify, the Union was made aware that DHS has notified HQ that AUO can no longer be used for all managers at HQ, the situation room and all agents assigned to the Academy and Asset Forfeiture.  DHS is also notifying AMO and ERO that AUO will no longer be allowed in all areas that were named in the Office of Special Counsel investigation report on AUO.  It is our understanding that OBP was given a deadline, presumably 180 days to implement the change.

As stated in the memorandum the Agency is expected to meet its obligation of consulting and/or negotiating with the Union in regards to these changes.  We will make sure that we have a say in how this is going to affect all bargaining unit employees.  The change is coming but we will be there every step of the way to try and minimize its impact.

It is our understanding that OSC is currently investigating the use of AUO, and eventually will investigate all levels within CBP that use AUO, because of this, we expect more scrutiny over how AUO is used by all employees.  Currently our pay reform bill is still moving forward and we need everyone's support to make sure the measure passes to prevent the eventual loss of AUO for all of us.

We will provide updates as more information becomes available, the impact of this change will first be felt by those areas mentioned above.

Winkowski Memo



EL PASO — Sequestration is having an impact on the day-to-day operations of the U.S. Border Patrol,
according to agents who say they’re coping with a fuel shortage.

“We’ll have the same number of agents — just fewer vehicles,” said Rob Russell of the National
Border Patrol Council. Russell is with the local El Paso area union, where he said agents are
seeing changes on the job to conserve fuel. Rather than one agent per vehicle, in some cases
there are two — which means fewer trucks on patrol.


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